Set the Mood Challenge

Do you know how much your environment impacts your mood? Create an inspirational area where you spend your most time.

1. Try introducing plants. Studies suggest plants help you focus on our work and lead to higher productivity.
2. Stock that area with healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You want snacks with complex carbohydrates or proteins to improve your mood and productivity.
3. Use candles, incense or other scents and combine them with music as it can help you concentrate.

I hope you found these tips help to create a great environment to work in and stay productive. If you are in need of more drastic changes, do the Creating New Habits: Set the Mood Challenge with me!

CHALLENGE: Set the Mood Before & After

This week, think about your current workspace or computer/device space, wherever that may be. Do you work in a spare room, kitchen counter, dining room table, your bed? Don't laugh - my husband works from bed! Post that you are 'all in' for the challenge and tell us about your space; I am sure there some story there!

For tonight, just reimagine your space. Dream about it tonight. Not a nightmare! Fantasize about your ideal workspace. Then we'll see if we can carry over any of the elements that you would love to have into the actual reality workspace.

ACTION ITEM: Comment in the FACEBOOK GROUP that you are 'all in' for the challenge and tell us about your space.

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